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Stats to Back It Up

In our last blog post, “Why Facebook Shouldn’t Take The Place of a Website,” we discussed several points as to why this holds true. Of all the reasons mentioned, the most essential is the Search Engine Optimization services exclusive to professional websites. Sometimes it is difficult as a small business owner to recognize the importance […]

Why Facebook Shouldn’t Take The Place of a Website

Facebook may be a great tool for networking with friends and family; however, it shouldn’t be used as your company’s sole source of an online presence. The view of Facebook as a primary website is distorted. A free website is certainly appealing to the average small/medium sized business but there are several reasons why it […]

Reasons Why Social Media Implementation Improves SEO

Helps Gain Inbound Links When done properly, a social media campaign can draw in countless new inbound links to your website. Inbound links significantly affect your site rankings. The more links you get, the higher you will rank with search engines. New Content Social media will create more content for your website: The more content […]

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Many people do not understand the importance of search engine optimization and some are unsure of what it actually is. Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, is a technique used to generate more viewer traffic and increase the quality of viewers to a website through the many different search engines. SEO is so important […]

How To Reach More Customer’s By Increasing Your Online Visibility

In this day and age 9 out of 10 customers conduct online searches to find businesses in their area. They no longer use the phonebook or try finding a place on their own; they go straight to the internet and search. You’re probably thinking what’s wrong with that? There’s nothing wrong with that, as long […]

More Terms to Know Involving SEO

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Search engine marketing, better known as SEM involves marketing products and services through the use of a search engine. SEM contains two parts, SEO and PPC. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the practice of generating websites that are effective enough to appear organically through search engines. PPC, or Pay Per […]

Web Titles: Use Them to Improve Your SEO

Web page titles are the primary way that websites rank high on search engines. Page titles are the simplest way to improve SEO, yet so many people don’t take advantage of them. Regardless of if you want to reach a wider audience, or simply just increase visibility, use the following tips to improve your SEO! […]

Quick and Easy Ways to Increase Your Web Traffic

You have recently launched a website that is attractive, user friendly, and highly informative, but somehow it is not getting the attention you feel it deserves. Launching a website and then not attracting viewers can be very discouraging, but don’t worry you are not alone. Nearly every new website struggles with the same issue: strong […]

Does Your Site Appear Trustworthy?

When someone takes a look at your website, you have a very short period of time to leave a good impression. A website viewer is only likely to give your website a minute or two of their time before they decide if they want to use your services. Therefore, it is important that you do […]