e-commerce security

Helpful Online Shopping Security Resources

We are one week away from the busiest time of year for E-Commerce sites. The best advice to keeping yourself safe online is to trust your gut. If you have any doubt about an online retailer, don’t make a purchase before doing your homework. Here are several online government resources designed to make online shopping…

Start Driving Search Traffic Today

Start Driving Website Traffic Today

Do you wish your website had more traffic? You (and every other business owner) should have answered, “Yes.” The more traffic on your site, the more likely a conversion. Now let’s get you on your way to maximizing your traffic. An engaging website and a great business plan are crucial for business success these days.…

copyright a website?

Can you Copyright a Website Design?

When it comes to web design, copyright protects the actual code you have written for the website along with your content, such as text or images. The code and content may belong to you, however other web designers can use it to “inspire” their own websites. This means, unfortunately, anyone can use your design, combine…

Social Media Management

Navigating your New Social Life

Social media is like the social life of a teenager – exciting, fun, demanding, dangerous, confusing, rebellious, awkward and even gratifying. But, just like a great social life, you must pace yourself and make good choices. Selling the value of social media is much easier these days. Everywhere you turn, social media is exploding –…

linkedin for business

LinkedIn for Business

Leave the interaction with the consumer to Facebook and Twitter. When you’re searching for new networking and business-to-business opportunities, LinkedIn is the way to go. LinkedIn, by design, opens doors and builds better connections between businesses. LinkedIn takes the “who you know” approach to building business connections. Each personal and business profile provides essential information…

instagram for business

Instagram For Business

Why use Instagram for business? With over 300 million users now on Instagram sharing more than 70 million photos and videos everyday, this social media outlet can share your brand’s visual content across an enormous audience. GETTING STARTED Getting started on Instagram is quick and easy. Sign up and select a handle that’s easily recognizable…

pinterest for business

Pinterest For Business

Pinterest – an online visual pinboard used to categorize and track user interests – is one of the fastest growing social media platforms, recently reaching 10 million visitors. Unlike other social bookmarking sites, Pinterest relies on the visual appeal of items, ideas, companies, websites and more. Let’s take a look at how this simple social…