web content: less is more

Web Content: Less is More

A lot of the times when you first get a website built for your company, you want to fill it up with a lot of content. You want to tell the world all about your business in vivid detail without leaving anything out. This kind of passion and excitement is understandable, expected, and encouraged. However,…


Why a brand is more than a blog

Why a brand is MORE than just a logo

What makes the world’s leading brands more recognizable? Is it their world famous logos, the products or services they offer or what other people have to say about them? What contributes to a company’s brand & identity? World of mouth is a strong factor in increasing brand popularity there is no denying that. However, if…


UX & UI Design Basics

UX – User Experience Design Basics

In a mobile and internet dominant age, people are constantly exposed to many different websites, apps and software products. It’s obvious that every digital product has its unique aspects, but other than the service itself, what makes them different? Enter (UX) User Experience and (UI) User Interface design. In case you were wondering what User…


tips to make your website great

Tips to Make Your Website Great

It is fairly easy to get a website up and running. In this age of technology the web possibilities are endless. However, the hard part is creating a website that viewers actually like. Website viewers often only give a website a few seconds to make a good impression. Therefore it is important to make sure…


quality content

Content: It Comes Down to Quality

When designing your website it can be hard to know how much content is too much. It easy to get excited when building your site, you want to write about anything and everything pertaining to your respective business. This is understandable, however, just because something is important and interesting to you does not mean your…


what to think about when choosing a copywriter

What to Think About When Choosing a Copywriter

Choosing a copywriter is a big decision for any website. A website’s content is its backbone and it is important to find a copywriter that can deliver! Consider the following when choosing a copywriter for your own website. Talented Writer First and most obviously, you should make sure this person is a talented writer. That…


professional website design in boston massachusetts - arch creative group

Website Design – Professional vs. Amateur

Amateur website designers are a dime a dozen. They will happily build your website at non-professional rates—and deliver non-professional results. They make some money, and you have an inexpensive website. Everyone’s happy, right? Not so fast. Look closely, and you will discover that your low-cost website is very pricey. While it may have saved you…


How to Keep your Web Site Professional

Have you ever come across a web site that just didn’t seem credible? You checked it out but ended up fact checking or looking elsewhere, simply because the web site appeared unprofessional. This happens a lot, sometimes it has to do with the actual appearance of the site and sometimes it has to do with…